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Denis Raccah


Denis Raccah is currently the University Professor and Hospital Practioner for Public Assistance at the Hopitaux de Marseille group and Department Head for the Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolic Diseases services. Professor Raccah is also a member of the inaugural ADOCIA Medical Board (society and biotechnology).

Professor Raccah is particularly interested in therapeutic education, and his commitment to patients has allowed him to direct a study on an artificial pancreas for insulin-dependent diabetic patients. An experimental protocol that could completely transform patient lives. He is also working on fondamental research on insulin pumps.

Full disclosure: Professor Denis Raccah works or has worked with companies in the health care sector. More information at:

Created: 1/27/20 - Updated: 1/29/20

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Clinical implications of prolonged hyperglycaemia before basal insulin initiation in type 2 diabetes patients: An electronic medical record database analysis.

Treatment Intensification in Type 2 Diabetes: A Real-World Study of 2-OAD Regimens, GLP-1 RAs, or Basal Insulin.

A global study of the unmet need for glycemic control and predictor factors among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus who have achieved optimal fasting plasma glucose control on basal insulin.