The Carenity Team: Tarek Mnif


Tarek Mnif

Head of Client Engagement

Tarek brings over a decade of pharmaceutical industry experience to the forefront of real-world evidence (RWE) research. With an academic background as a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Master's in Business Management, his professional journey encompasses a wealth of expertise, including 8 years in pharmaceutical sales and account management, followed by more than 5 years specializing in RWE studies.

In recent years, Tarek has directed international RWE projects targeting various therapeutic areas such as Allergies, Oncology, and Rare Diseases. His leadership in these endeavors has helped pharmaceutical companies and healthcare stakeholders maximize the utility of Real-World Data, contributing significantly to the field and leading to his role as a co-author on multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Tarek's methodical approach is rooted in a commitment to enhancing patient outcomes and streamlining healthcare strategies, ensuring that RWE research not only complies with scientific rigor but also aligns perfectly with patients unmet needs.

Created: 11/7/23 - Updated: 11/7/23