What treatment do you use for osteoporosis?


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Hi members - welcome to the new dedicated forums for osteoporsis - be sure to check them all out: Living with Osteoporosis, Symptoms and Complications of Osteoporosis, and Treatments for Osteoporosis...

What treatments, supplements or therapies do you use to manage osteoporosis? Is there a certain treatment or therapy that you find has helped you more than others?

Please share your stories and advice and discuss with other members who share the same condition.

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What treatment do you use for osteoporosis?

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I am currently taking Boniva. I am also supplementing with calcium (1,500 mg), Vitamin D (2,000 IU), Magnesium (1000 mg), boron (5 mg) and collagen.

I am recently diagnosed, so cannot speak to what is working. If anyone has any advice for someone newly diagnosed, I would appreciate it!