Share your experience with enzyme replacement therapy?


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One of the main treatments for Fabry disease is enzyme replacement therapy with agalsidase-alpha (Replagal) or agalsidase beta (Fabrazyme) to help normalize kidney function, heart function, and blood supply to the brain.

How has your experience been with enzyme replacement therapy? Which treatment have you taken? How about the effects, good and bad?

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Share your experience with enzyme replacement therapy?

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Enzyme therapy has been the only treatment I have been on since being diagnosed besides taking some medicines for the pain in my hands before I was diagnosed. My experience has been good I guess... I no longer get the pain in my hands and my vision is pretty much back to normal, so I am happy. The only compliant I have is that it is not the most comfortable thing and it is a chore to get done... but if it helps me be healthy and remain health I am all for it, right?