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There are various signs and symptoms one may experience with Fabry disease. Some common signs and symptoms often experienced are: pain and burning sensations; small, dark red spots on the sking; cloudiness of the eye; GI issues; and hearing loss.

How about you...

What early signs and symptoms with Fabry disease did you experience? If you are a loved one or family member of someone diagnosed with the condition, what were their early signs and symptoms?

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What were the initial signs / symptoms of Fabry disease experienced?
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At age 22, I had a stroke and shortly after that is when I was diagnosed with Fabry's disease. However, prior to the stroke, I was having more and more problems with my vision - but went to doctors/optometrist - and nothing. I also started getting pain and slight burning in my hands. Again went to doctor and was recommended to see a rheumatologist, which I never did. I do not know if I would have gone to the rheumatologist they would have been able to diagnosis Fabry disease earlier...