#1Minute1Disease: focal dystonia

Published May 27, 2019 • Updated May 29, 2019 • By Louise Bollecker

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#1Minute1Disease: focal dystonia

What is focal dystonia?

About 250,000 people in the USA are impacted by some form of dystonia. Focal dystonia is a disorder of the nervous system; it can be of genetic origin (called primary dystonia) or it can be the result of trauma, infection, or the use of certain drugs (called secondary dystonia). The most common form of focal dystonia is cervical dystonia - or spastic torticollis - which affects the neck area.

The main symptoms of focal dystonia are involuntary muscle contractions. There is no specific medical examination to diagnose the disease. The main treatment is botulinum toxin, injected directly into the muscle affected by dystonia. This helps to relieve contractions but today, it is not possible to cure dystonia. Other complementary treatments exist, such as physical therapy.

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on 7/4/19

I appreciate the making of this video.

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