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Florence Levy-Weil


Doctor LEVY-WEIL is a rheumatologist and former Department Head at the Centre Hospitalier d'Argenteuil. She has a D.E.S. in Rheumatology and a D.E.A. in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology. Doctor Levy-Weil particpated in the creation of service oriented towards therapeutic education and the role of patients in their medical care.

Since 2015, Florence LEVY-WEIL has medically supervised biotherapy on rheumatoid arthritis at Sanofi Genzyme (a branch of the Sanofi laboratory). The branch is a biotechnology company that specializes in rare diseases, with a concentration on rare genertic diseases, multiple sclerosis, cadiovascular disease and endocrinology.

Full disclosure: Doctor Florence Levy-Weil works or has worked with companies in the health care sector. More information at: https://www.transparence.sante.gouv.fr/.

Created: 1/27/20 - Updated: 1/27/20

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