Alexis Astruc : member of the Science and Ethic Committee


Alexis Astruc

Senior doctor and general practitioner

Senior doctor and general practitioner, Dr. Alexis Astruc is associated with the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord (formerly Université PARIS 13) and is a practitioner at the Ellasanté Health Center in Paris' 8th arrondissement.

Dr. Astruc is dedicated to digital health, a field in which he is an expert. During his studies at the Paris-Descartes Faculty of Medicine, he studied public health and earned a diploma in connected health. Alongside his work in general medicine at private practices in the city as a substitute doctor for 5 years, he has worked as a volunteer for several start-ups such as NUMA and New Health. At New Health, an independent organization dedicated to promoting innovation in health, he helped to organize "Innovation Challenges," such as Hackathons or the National Health Innovation Day at the Cité des Sciences.

Today, at the Ellasanté Center, he works as a general practitioner, but he is also responsible for establishing the center's teleconsultation services.

As head of the clinic at the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord, he is co-director for the research commission, head of the thesis pre-commission, and thesis director. He is also a local ethical advisor at the Collège National des Généralistes Enseignants (CNGE).

Now, in tandem with his work, his current research focuses on the contribution of new information and communication technologies to primary care, the medical prescription of adaptive physical activity, and cardiac telerehabilitation.

He is currently a member of Carenity's Scientific Committee.

Created: 4/28/21 - Updated: 4/28/21

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