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Psoriatic arthritis

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Keep Looking For Solutions, Only One Life

Discover the story of Teresa, a member of Carenity. Learn about how her life with psoriasis has been , from birth, and the complications that it entailed, to being diagnosed also with psoriatic arthritis.

Hi Teresa, could you please introduce yourself in a few lines?

My name is Teresa Rodriguez, I am 55 years old and I was born with psoriasis.

What were the symptoms or situations that led you to seek a medical opinion? 
As I said, I was born with the disease, however the arthritic part did not become diagnosed until I was 33, which is when I gave birth; although from a very young age I had pains. But this time I was immobile, they thought it was low back pain, but as it kept coming back several times in a short period of time, they began to do tests and thus I got the result.

How much did you know about psoriatic arthritis when you were diagnosed and how did you feel knowing that you had this disease? 
Absolutely nothing, I always believed that this disease was outside the joints (the skin); I never imagined that it could affect the inside of our body, and the brutal way that affects it. Actually I do not know what I felt, I just know that I started looking for ways to get out of it, if before it was an aesthetic problem for me , it became something much more important.

What are the largest impacts this disease has had onyour daily life? 
The ignorance of people who when they would see the ulcers and ask if it was contagious; This caused me to being to wear black clothes with long sleeves, no matter the season. As time goes on you become accustomed to wearing such clothes, but between the itching and the pains , I really did not care to socialize.

Nowadays, how do you deal with psoriatic arthritis? What useful tips could you give to others diagnosed on how to cope in daily life? 
Well, the advice I would give to them is to remain positive and try to find alternatives - even if they do not cure it - that improve the quality of life.

Do you take any medication? What do you feel has been the most effective treatment? 
Right now, I do not take any medication. I have taken retinoids, methotrexate, puva rays, and other medications from clinical trials; I feel that every medication I tried worked for me, but when I stopped taking them, it was like I was starting all over again. Fortunately, for me I found some things that worked for me in the natural market, and my quality of life has improved considerably.

What are the things that have helped you move forward in your life? And what positive message could you share with the readers? 
You only have one life, so you have to always look for solutions because the diagnosis is already there, so there is no other way to lead a full life. I feel you have to try everything that can bring even a little joy into your life.

One last thing, if someone wants information about what I am taking, please contact me privately. What has worked for me, may work for others, but perhaps not for all.

You only have one life, so you have to always look for solutions because the diagnosis is already there.


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