Menstrual cup v tampon vs pads


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Has anyone tried the menstrual cups for their menstrual cycle?

I have a friend who uses them and posts about their benefits. Through my reading the main advantage is for the enviroment as it causes much less landfill waste since it is reusable. Further, it is supposed to limit the menstrual odor and help maintain the vaginal pH and beneficial bacteria.

I have heard only positive from her, but interested in knowing if anyone else has any viewpoints between the three.

Thanks in advance.

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Menstrual cup v tampon vs pads

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I use the menstrual cups and love them. It takes some time to get used to, with the pouring them out part and them re-using them, but they are so much better in my opinion and the plus is that it is also better for the environment.

Menstrual cup v tampon vs pads

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@mvn481 Thank you.

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