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Hello to everyone,

Hello all,

I have asthma and chronic pain, thus I am often exhausted just form the pain as well. I also work full time and have another part-time job that I do from home.

My question is, how do you manage your sex life when you are busy?

Also, do you have any recommendations for maintaining or increasing libido/sex drive? I feel like mine is low because of everything I have going on, especially due to the chronic pain and the exhaustion.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

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Maintaining libido? Managing sex life?

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great question! I am also interested in learning any tips/recommendations. I have depression, so I feel that wears me down also.

I know what helps me is putting myself on a schedule: an exact time I go to sleep and an exact time I wake up. But even with doing that I still feel drained and sometimes do not have that "sex drive," so looking for recommendations too.

Maintaining libido? Managing sex life?

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@mvn481‍ Thank you. I do need to get on a schedule. I am sure that will be beneficial. I appreciate your response.

Maintaining libido? Managing sex life?

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@asth89‍ I second the sleep! You need your rest especially with dealing with pain... I deal with pain every day. Also monitor how your medications affect you and talk to your doctor about that. Some medications can alter your sex drive.