Spending the Holiday Season in the hospital


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As the Holiday Season begins, Carenity is thinking of all the patients who will have to spend this time in the hospital, away from family and away from the comforts of home.

If you are in this situation, this discussion is designed to share your emotions and feelings, talk with others who are experiencing the same, and find comfort.

Discuss the vists from your family and friends, how you entertain yourself at the hospital, what are your favorite tv shows to watch, ad what are your favorite foods to enjoy... share your daily life!

If you are not in this situation, feel free to send a message of support to others.

We wish you all an enjoyable Holiday Season!

Beginning of the discussion - 12/19/18

Spending the Holiday Season in the hospital

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My thoughts go out to anyone that needs to spend this time away from family because of an unwanted reason.

Spending the Holiday Season in the hospital

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Best wishes to those having to spend the holidays in the hospital. Hope knowing others are sending good wishes helps a little bit. Do the best you can and hope you're home soon.