How do you talk to family and friends who are vaccine-hesitant?


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What annoys you most about Anti-maskers and Anti-vaxxers?

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How do you talk to family and friends who are vaccine-hesitant?

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Their righteous attitude is what's most annoying to me. They brag about not taking the vaccine, tell others that it's dangerous and not proven, and keep telling us that masks don't work so we shouldn't bother with them. It's gotten to the point that I wish all of them would just join Herman Cain and let the rest of us follow CDC and WHO guidelines without having to listen to their garbage. 

How do you talk to family and friends who are vaccine-hesitant?

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Hello everyone, thank you for opening and participating in this discussion.

As we continue to battle COVID-19, the various vaccines that have been developed have proven to be the key to slowing the spread, keeping people out of the hospital, and stopping the emergence of variants. However, it can be challenging talking to friends or family members who are hesitant about getting the vaccine. 

Here are a few tips to help you have a constructive conversation:

  • Ask for their specific reasons why they don't want the vaccine: Knowing the person's specific concerns or reasons for not getting vaccinated can make the discussion easer than talking in generalities.
  • Listen with empathy: With so much misinformation out there, it can be natural for them to have concerns. You can help by listening without judgment and acknowleding their emotions so they know they have been heard.
  • Share your experience: Sharing your reasons for getting vaccinated and your experience getting the vaccine can help make it seem less scary. Reminding them that you are protecting not only yourself but those around you (including those who can't get the vaccine) can help.
  • Avoid arguing: Whether talking to someone face-to-face or online, try not to argue, as it can put them on the defensive and make them feel attacked. Focus instead on their concerns and emotions and sharing your reasons for getting vaccinated.

What about you? How do you have a constructive conversation with loved ones who are reluctant to get the vaccine? Have you been able to help them change their minds?

Feel free to share any thoughts or experiences here!

Take care,

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