How Do You Manage School? What Issues Arrive?


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Hello parents,

Being a parent of child diagnosed with a childhood illness also can bring about concerns, situation, and/or difficulties with schooling.

For those whose children are not home schooled, what concerns, obstacles, or difficulties have you had to handle in regard to your child's illness? 

How did you rectify/handle the situation? 

Any recommendations for parents? teachers? schools?

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How Do You Manage School? What Issues Arrive?

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The difficulty is making sure the school as a whole is on board, making sure not only the primary teacher, but also the others and staff are aware of your child's condition and what may need to be done. 

For example, my child - who is allergic to so many things - had a serious allergic reaction to something the school is well aware and they should be well aware of her severe allergies that can send her into basically a coma. Despite her having a horrible reaction, they failed to notify me. They kept her in the nurse's office until the end of the day when I cam to pick her up. That is when I found about it! It happened at 11:30 am!